Happy Valentine’s Day 2/14/2018

I started this dream three months ago and with the help of many people we have been able to donate 10,000 to the Rape center and 1,000 dollars to two individual who fit the criteria in order for the donation.  I thank you so much for your support and the opportunity that you are giving me to accomplish my dream.  To those that have donated I thank you so much and I pray that the donations continue to come so that I can climb this mountain and reach for those stars and help people a little bit at a time.  Thank you God Bless you

Hello world!

Hi everyone thank you to those that are helping me in this journey.  To those that need to talk because you are feeling alone please contact me.  I will talk to you email you or you can use the blog.  But please do not be afraid to talk.  I am a 4x suicide survivor so I have been there in that dark tunnel.  jd52280@suicideconsciousness.com, 305-747-5571.

To those that donate I personally thank you on behalf of those that need your help.  If you are asking yourself why their is simply not an answer as to why.  I can just tell you that I will never have that answer it is like a dark tunnel and even if you are surrounded by friends and family you feel as if their is nobody there just you.  And believe me even if you want to find the light you can not.